Veracity Business Services, Inc. has the experience and know how.

More than $4 billion in negotiations completed.  Worked with 100's of companies. 

Highly competitive to single source environments.  Experienced with a wide variety of industries. 


Veracity Business Services, Inc.’s specialty is creating leverage where there is none. 

Our experience has enabled us to refine our skills and techniques.  These can be used to increase your profit. 

How Does this Work?

The first step is for Veracity Business Services, Inc. to get to know you and your company. 

We believe strongly in partnership and developing relationships. 


From there we will work with you to identify your company’s opportunities.  

Then our tools will be used to assemble a strategy to capture opportunities for you. 

The strategy and steps will be reviewed and approved by your team. 


Veracity Business Services, Inc. will then execute the strategies and maintain robust communication with you. 

The results of our negotiations will be presented to you for approval. 

All negotiations are subject to your approval and will not be finalized until a contract is completed. 


Veracity Business Services, Inc. does not provide legal advice and is not a lawyer. 

You will need to have your counsel review and approve any contracts before negotiations can conclude and a contract is executed.  


T: 817-999-0238

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