One solution does not fit all.  Our services are tailored to meet your needs.  Give us a call or send us an email.  Some of our services are:

Shared Savings

This is a holistic solution that evaluates your company’s opportunities.  Veracity Business Services, Inc. will perform an overall evaluation of your business.  Opportunities will be made visible and a plan to act on them will be discussed with you.  Upon approval, Veracity Business Services, Inc. will then reduce your costs and optimize contracts.

This service is based on shared savings from the reductions in costs.  You do NOT pay unless Veracity Business Services, Inc. identifies opportunities and reduces your costs. 


Given Veracity Business Services, Inc.’s vast experience with a broad range of companies, we are able to provide you with valuable consulting that will make your company more cost effective.  Let us help you take your company to the next level.  Your company will be more profitable and more competitive -  empowering you to conquer more business.

​This service is a fee based service.  Each opportunity that we have to help our clients is quoted independently.

Strategic Sourcing

Veracity Business Services, Inc. has negotiated with 100's of companies for contracts worth more than $4 billion.  Examples of our results are:

  • Using cost analysis techniques, created leveraged position and negotiated a $20 million per year reduction in direct material costs

  • Managed complex negotiations that resulted in $10 million reduction after competitive bid

  • Negotiated an $8.5 million reduction from a single source supplier based on data analysis


This service is fee based, depending on the size and complexity of the sourcing your company needs.  Veracity Business Services, Inc. can be your fully outsourced sourcing/procurement organization.



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